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  • Introducing... Zero Wrap! Reusable Alternative To Cling Film, Foil & Baking Paper.

    Here, we introduce you to this fantastic product and tell you why we think it should be part of every eco-friendly kitchen!    Zero Wrap is a Reusable & More Eco-Friendly Alternative to Foil, Baking Paper & Cling Film. It has 3 main functions - to cook cover and wrap your food. It is dis... View Post
  • Shopping Guide: Eco-Friendly Cleaning

    Welcome to The Eco Shop's Ultimate Shopping Guide to Eco-Friendly Cleaning! We have some fantastic products in this category, offering incredibly effective alternatives to environmentally-damaging mainstream products. Here, we give you an overview of our best-selling eco-friendly cleaning produc... View Post
  • Wooden Plastic-Free Dish Brushes

    Wooden, plastic-free dish brushes are super eco-friendly and are generally made out of sustainable compostable materials, with the addition of recyclable metal in some product options. They are a great alternative to plastic brushes, which are made using a variety of environmentally-damaging and non-biodegradable materials. Here we introduce you to some of our favourite and best-selling wooden dish brushing options, including all-in-one dish brushes, dish brushes with a replaceable head, scourers, scrubbing brushes, bottle brushes, and scrubbing pads.

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