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  • Brand Focus: Beauty Kitchen

    Within the UK, over 95% of beauty packaging is thrown away after just one use and of that only 9% is actually recycled. Introducing...Beauty Kitchen! The UK brand who are determined to change that by creating the most effective, natural and sustainable beauty products in the world. Small changes... View Post
  • Plastic Floss V. Natural Floss.

    Our Choose This, Not That series compares environmentally damaging every day products with their eco-friendly counterparts, to help you discover what's out there decide which products are right for you. This article compares conventional, plastic-based dental floss with natural, plastic-free de... View Post
  • Introducing... Zero Wrap! Reusable Alternative To Cling Film, Foil & Baking Paper.

    Here, we introduce you to this fantastic product and tell you why we think it should be part of every eco-friendly kitchen!    Zero Wrap is a Reusable & More Eco-Friendly Alternative to Foil, Baking Paper & Cling Film. It has 3 main functions - to cook cover and wrap your food. It is dis... View Post