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  • A Guide - Zero Waste and Eco-Friendly Travel

    Eco-friendly travel doesn't mean having to battle it out with the mosquitoes or parting with lots of your hard earned savings. Make your next holiday eco-friendly with our easy to action sustainable travel tips and products. With 8% of total global greenhouse emissions attributed to tourism, sustainable travel is more important than ever. View Post
  • 10 Easy Tips For A Zero Waste Life

    Being 'zero waste' can be defined as sending no waste to landfill. This would mean reusing, composting and recycling absolutely everything that you ever use and buy, including all packaging. There are a number of easy changes you can make right away to significantly reduce your own single use waste.  Here are ten to get you started! 

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  • 10 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

    The irreversible damage to our climate system that has been caused mostly by us needs urgent attention from everyone on the planet! Although the challenge to help often feels like it’s out of our hands, the individual can do a lot to help. Everyone plays an important part in keeping the environment clean and safe. Here, we’ve compiled a quick overview of global warming and suggested 10 ways you can decrease your own carbon footprint right away. View Post