how to be more eco friendly in 20 easy tips

With the champagne glasses officially washed we’re left with a shiny new 2019. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the eco problems from last year have packed their bags when the extended family did. 2018 saw some excellent awareness around the globe on crucial issues such as plastic pollution, consumer throwaway mentality, climate change, and species extinction. Attitudes are changing and many of us now want to take whatever steps that we can to do our bit and to reduce our own footprint to reverse this gloomy downward spiral. Here are 20 ideas to inspire you this year. 

1.Dress to eco impress 

Say yes to more natural fibre clothing and tell synthetic microfibers to take a hike. These guys account for a whopping 85% of human-made material that washes up on our shore lines. To help cut down microfibers in your laundry load check out our handy Cora Ball   

2. Step (or cycle) it up 

Exercise and eating right is always near the top of our New Year’s resolutions list. Take it up a notch and opt for walking / cycling / jogging instead of hopping in the car and lower your own carbon footprint. Don’t forget your all important water bottle!  

3.Buy or bake fresh bread 

Do your taste buds and the planet right by buying fresh or making your own and storing it in a reusable bread bag. 

4.Invest in natural dental products 

Toothbrushes, toothbrush stands, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash – there’s a natural version of it all! Ditch the chemicals and invest in a great natural, zero-waste dental regime that’s good for your chompers and the planet. Check out our natural dental products here. 

5.Reusable bags – Good On Ya Mate 

We know it’s sometimes hard to remember to grab your bags when ducking out quickly which is why Aussie Onya Bags include a handy carabiner clip so it’s literally always ‘On-ya’. 

 6.Takeaway eco style 

As we wave the holidays goodbye sometimes we just don’t have time to cook at home. Make your grab and go meal tasty and eco-friendly by bringing your own reusable containers. 

7.Takeaway eco style 2.0 

Let’s be honest, no one really likes eating with plastic forks. Take your eco takeaway chic up a notch with a handy bamboo spork set. 


They say starting young is the best way to master something. Stop harmful disposable nappies ending up in landfill by making your bub eco-comfy in our range of chemical-free and convertible reusable EcoNaps.  

9.Squeaky eco-clean 

They say home is where the heart is, and as ours are green we like our homes to be too! Keep your home clean using easy and effective homemade cleaning formulas (think vinegar and baking soda – great recipes are only a click away), compostable sponges and biodegradable scourers  

10.Shave and save 

The smart cats at Mutiny have taken to saving the high seas (and your wallet) with a range of safety razors , shaving soaps, shaving brushes and washbags all in 100% recyclable packaging. Look sharp while being kind to your skin, reducing disposable plastic use and save your dollars with products that last longer. 

11.Gift responsibly 

Getting someone something useful and beautiful shouldn’t cost the earth (literally). Think green next time a birthday comes up with recyclable wrapping paper, twine and beautiful high-quality eco gifts (we love our ethical and soft recycled ReSpiin wool throws.

12.Straws Suck 

Plastic straws have been in the media a lot lately for all the wrong reasons. Save our turtle friends by using easy-to-clean reusable bamboo & metal straws

13.Pick up one piece of litter a day 

Help reduce the 9 million tons of plastic waste finding its way to the ocean every year by picking up one piece of litter a day and disposing of it thoughtfully. Hey, you could stick to that exercise New Year’s resolution by giving the new Swedish trend of “plogging” a go! 

14.Caffeine Hit 

Keep that busy 2019 schedule eco and on track with a reusable takeaway coffee cup.

15.Green thumb 

Gardening is great for you and the planet! Get outside and help the birds and bees by planting native flora in your garden. Our Kabloom Seedboms make your garden into a bee haven as easy as shake, soak, throw and grow. 

16.Into the wild 

Make your next 2019 outdoors adventure even more green with simple tweaks like taking public transport, wrapping your picnic in 100% natural Beeswax Wrapsbringing your own insulated water bottle for hot or cold drinks, carrying a compostable bin bag so you can easily take your litter with you and using natural insect repellent.

17.Packageless pantry  

Food packaging causes a huge amount of waste - most of which is plastic. Fortunately, new bulk buy shops are opening across the country offering alternative shopping choices. Create a packageless pantry with glass jars and our awesome new Onya Reuseable Bulk Food Bag Set.

18.Cook up a storm 

Reduce plastic packaging by showing that kitchen whose boss. Save money, eat healthier and wow the office with your killer homemade cookies. Try making your own tasty nut milk with our easy to use Ever Eco Nut Milk Bag.

19.Use Bar Soaps

Quickly reduce the amount of throwaway plastics in your home by switching to bar soaps instead of hand soaps and shower gels that come in plastic containers. Our range of natural bar soaps smell divine, feel luxurious to use and are cruelty-free, containing no chemicals or palm oil.

20. Wrap, seal & bake with Agreena

The fabulous invention that is Agreena silicone food wraps allows you to ditch cling film, baking paper and foil all in one go! You can easily wrap and bake your food and reuse your Agreena again and again.


This is a great start for 2019 but we always like to say the more the merrier! If you’d like to share any ideas with us, ask questions about our great eco-friendly products then we would love to hear from you, so get in touch. If you are a new customer then you can save 10% off your first order by subscribing.