Product Focus - WayCap

Product Focus: WayCap Reusable Nespresso Pods  

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WayCap’s designers saw a bin full of empty coffee capsules and decided to turn your morning ritual into an act of sustainable awareness. Fight waste by drinking barista quality coffee using a standard Nespresso capsule system? Yes please!  

The Coffee Capsule Issue  

Coffee is a large part of many people’s morning ritual. Unfortunately, our daily caffeine hit is increasingly being delivered by a worrying new method – the coffee capsule. According to an article published by the BBC in 2016, coffee capsules make up one third of the £13.9bn Western European coffee market with £112m-worth sold in the UK (up by a third from 2014). Most coffee capsules are made from a mixture of plastic and aluminium (plus coffee grind dregs that hang around after use) that all need to be separated before they can be recycled. Sadly, most standard recycling plants do not have the facilities for this.  

This means that the majority of coffee capsules end up in landfill where they take anywhere from 150 to 500 years to break down. Regardless, recycling should always be our last option, not our first solution. With approximately 30% of UK homes owning a coffee capsule machine, and the undeniable ease and variety they allow, what can be done about this growing environmental hazard?  

Enter The WayCap!  

The WapCap’s inventors’ missionmake as many people as possible aware of the risks and damage caused by a “throwaway” lifestyle’. 


Through a unique design, WayCap have completely side-stepped the environmental issues surrounding coffee capsules and developed a 100% reusable capsule for the popular Nespresso machine. These capsules allow you to utilise the ease of the Nespresso coffee capsule system while still being eco-friendly, saving you money and letting you drink the coffee of your choice.  

Reusable & Sustainable 

Every element of the WapCap’s production and use has been developed with the environment in mind. The patented design of WayCap capsules means that no waste is produced other than coffee grounds and you can refill your pod an infinite amount of times. The capsule and gaskets are produced right next to WapCap’s storage warehouse and all packaging is minimal and completely recyclable. You only need to purchase the item once as it lasts a lifetime, with spare gaskets included in your package in case you misplace them. Better yet, the WapCap kit includes a dispenser you can fill and seal with up to two pods at a time to take with you for use at the office.  

Don’t forget to use the finished coffee grounds! Recycled coffee grounds make excellent degreasers, compost, exfoliants and more. 

Your Coffee, Your Way 

WayCap is completely refillable so you get to choose what coffee YOU want to drink. It is the only refillable capsule with a removeable filters patented system with four different filters to match the majority of coffee grinds on the market.  


By using WayCap capsules you save up to 85% compared to single-use, disposable pods!  

Original Design 

WayCap is an original design spanning two patents convinced and made in Italy by artists and designers Matteo, Davide and Matteo. It has four removeable filters and is the only refillable coffee capsule to include a manual dispenser and tamper that allows you to refill it in 20 seconds. All materials are food-grade certified - the capsule is made from stainless steel and the gaskets under the lid from food-grade silicone. 

The capsules can be used with the following Nespresso machines: Pixie, Inissia, Essenza, Essenza Mini, Lattissima, U, Citiz, Expert, Prodigio, Maestria, Creatista and Kitchen Aid.  

How do I use WayCap? 

WayCap capsules are ascetically pleasing, easy to maintain and refillable in just 20 seconds. However, like most good things, a little practice is needed to achieve optimal results.  

  1. Place the manual dispenser over the capsule. 
  1. Fill the capsule with the coffee of your choice with a teaspoon until the coffee is level with the edge of the capsule. 
  1. Tamp down. 
  1. Choose a filter that that matches the grind coarseness of your coffee. If the coffee is finely ground use the filter with more slits, if the coffee has a coarser grind use the one with less slits. The coffee you produce will be lighter or stronger depending on the pressure you put on the coffee and the filter grade you use. 
  1. Snap the capsule lid into place, pop it into the machine as per the Nespresso manufactures instructions and press start. 
  1. Once finished remove the coffee with a teaspoon handle and wash under running water. 

Note: WayCap recommends avoiding very finely ground blends to achieve an optimal cup of coffee. 

Check out the below video for tips and tricks on how to use the WayCap. 


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