The Clothing Line Turning Scraps Into Fashion

Over 20 billion pounds of textiles are thrown away in the US each year.

After years of designing a high-end fashion line, Daniel Silverstein was sick of making cocktail and evening dresses and decided to shut his city studio. In the process, he came across textile scraps which he’d collected for years and decided to make a shirt for himself.  The shirt got a really positive response online, and from this, Daniel found his fresh career calling and started Zero Waste Daniel.

Zero Waste Daniel is the first line of zero waste clothing made from reroll, composed of 100% scrap material. Twice per month, Daniel & his team pick up scraps from a cutting room in Brooklyn and then use them to create new sheets of fabric which can then be used to create new, unique garments. Each of the pieces sold uses about 1 pound of textile waste.

Garment workers face low pay and difficult working conditions worldwide so Daniel ensures his employees are paid fair wages and all items are manufactured in store. T-shirts start at $55 and customers can customise their own designs

Daniel says “being part of a positive change and leading by example doesn’t have to look less than cool. You can be edgy, fashion-forward, comfortable, you can do all the things you want and get everything you want out of fashion and still do it ethically”.