wooden plastic-free dish brushes eco friendly

Wooden, plastic-free dish brushes are super eco-friendly and are generally made out of sustainable compostable materials, with the addition of recyclable metal in some product options. They are a great alternative to plastic brushes, which are made using a variety of environmentally-damaging and non-biodegradable materials. 

Here we introduce you to some of our favourite and best-selling wooden dish brushing options, including all-in-one dish brushes, dish brushes with a replaceable head, scourers, scrubbing brushes, bottle brushes, and scrubbing pads.

All products have been tried and tested and are guaranteed to deliver the same - if not better, results compared with their plastic counterparts.

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All-In-One Dish Washing Brushes 

The EcoCoconut Dish Brush is designed to last, and is made using sustainably farmed coconuts and timber. The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husk from the outside of a coconut. This material is naturally antibacterial, and offers an effective scrub without scratching. This brush can reach into tight places. The handle is the perfect size for your hand, and is made from FSC accredited timber.

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ecococonut dish brush


The Wooden Dish Brush from EcoLiving is 100% zero waste, and is handmade in Germany using sustainable locally grown beech wood for the handle, and natural Tampico bristles. The brush is biodegradable and vegan. The handle feels smooth in your hand, and fits the natural curve of your grip perfectly. The brush is very effective for removing grease, food and dirt. 

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Ecoliving wooden dish brush


Two-Piece Dish Brushes 

The two-piece wooden dish brush from EcoLiving is a plastic free dish brush with plant-based bristles. The brush head is removable and replaceable with this replacement head and is fully biodegradable. The metal clip that holds that attaches the brush head is recyclable. Replacing the head is super easy - pull on the handle and hold the metal clip, when the clip is released, slide the head out of the metal clip. Then replace the head and insert the metal clip back into the handle. This brush is great for every day dish washing as it's easy to hold and store, and the bristles are durable and effective and the perfect size to cover dishes. 

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EcoLiving dish brush replaceable head


Wooden Bottle Brushes

The EcoCoconut Bottle Cleaning Brush is ideal for cleaning jobs, cleaning baby bottles, wine glasses and reusable drinking bottles - all without harmful plastics being in touch with the things you're cleaning. The handle is made from FSC accredited timber‚ and the brush is made from sustainable coconut husk - a durable naturally antibacterial material which cleans well without scratching.

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ecococonut wooden bottle cleaning brush


More Popular Plastic-Free Cleaning Tools: 

The steel scourers from EcoLiving are heavy duty, and 100% recyclable. They offer deep cleaning power whilst containing anti-rust properties, and are great for pots, pans and everyday cleaning. This 3-pack comes with a recyclable paper slip, and they are made in Europe. 

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ecoliving steel scourers

The compostable scourers from EcoCoconut are made from sustainably sourced coconuts, and they offer non-scratch cleaning which is great on hard surfaces and non-stick fry pans, and is naturally antibacterial and free from toxic chemicals. The scourers are made from natural materials so are biodegradable and compostable. 

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ecococonut scourers


The Safix Scrub Pad is a natural scouring pad made from 100% coconut fibre. It is compostable, plastic-free and biodegradable, and it does not release harmful micro plastics into our environment. The pad is super useful in the kitchen and around the home, as it easily removes stubborn foods and other substances safely without scratching cooking surfaces.

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saffix scrub pad


The plastic-free scrubbing brush from EcoLiving is handmade using renewable materials, including sustainably sourced wood and plant-based bristles. This brush is superb for all of your tough scrubbing needs around the kitchen and home. The brush is 100% plastic-free - so it will not shed micro-plastics into the environment. And it is 100% biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life. 

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ecoliving plastic free scrubbing brush