• Dishwashing Soap Bars

    Dishwashing soap bars are a fantastic zero-waste, toxin-free alternative to standard supermarket washing up liquid products. The bars last for up to 6 months, so as well as being the ultimate eco-friendly washing up liquid alternative, they also save you money in the long run! If you're looking for an eco-friendly, zero waste, plastic-free, and chemical free dishwashing solution, we highly recommend a dishwashing soap bar! View Post
  • Plastic-Free Bamboo Ear Buds

    Plastic-free ear buds are made from sustainable bamboo and cotton and they offer a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to plastic ear buds - the perfect addition to your plastic-free bathroom. It is estimated there is over 150 million tonnes of plastic waste polluting the world's oceans and every year around a million birds and over 100,000 sea mammals die from eating plastic waste. Plastic ear buds are a large contributor to this pollution.  View Post