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The reusable‚ modern cloth‚ nappies from EcoNaps are an eco friendly alternative to incredibly harmful disposable nappies destined for landfill at the end of their use. The nappies are convertible‚ and the‚ unique design allows to you tailor every aspect to suit your baby, from the absorption and nappy style, right down to even the type of fabric that sits next to bubs skin.

One size fits all

  • The nappies are convertible and can be adjusted to fit small newborns up to large toddlers.

Included with each nappy: 

  • Convertible Cloth Nappy Outer‚ Shell.
  • Convertible Insert Set with up to 5 different absorption settings.
  • Full Use and Care Instruction‚ Card.


    • Chemical-free.
    • No nasties next to bubs skin such as Sodium Polyacrylate, Dioxin, Phthalates or heavy metals.
    • Very easy to use.
    • Easy to wash.
    • Made from stain resistant, eco friendly fabrics.
    • Accessories available to further pad and line the nappies.
    • Made from eco-friendly cotton.
    • Nappy outer includes a PUR laminate meaning it¢‚¬„¢s both waterproof and breathable (PUR offers excellent adhesion, can laminate 99.9% fabrics, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and the fabrics adhesion and flexibility are very good).
    • Bub feels dry and comfy even after they have done a wee.
    • Inside the nappy is a stay dry micro suede which keeps moisture away from bubs skin.

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