Eco-Friendly Craft Kits

Browse our range of eco-friendly craft kits and find a special gift for your family and loved ones. The idea for Cotton Twist was sparked by a desire to reduce wasteful plastic tat from homes, by offering a creative option for party favours, party bags, stocking fillers, and Christmas and birthday gifts.  These engaging activities will spark children's imagination, giving them something to treasure and play with. All kits are made using the most eco-friendly materials, and whilst they will eventually need to be disposed of, most materials can be reused time and time again in multiple craft projects or can be recycled. All kits are beautifully presented in recycled / recyclable boxes, tins or envelopes. Although craft kits might be critisized for being wasteful (which is something we have pondered over greatly when considering them for the shop), the benefits to children engaging in art and craft are enormous. They enhance fine motor and coordination skills and social development, and they build visual learning and memory development. They also offer a positive outlet for stress.