Buy Onya bags and other Onya products from the Eco Shop UK. Onya are an Australian company, who offer a range of leading reusable eco friendly products including produce bags, shopping bags, bulk food bags, stainless steel drinking bottles, and coffee cups. Plus in 2018 they also launched a range of compostable bin liners. Onya bags are not only 100% recyclable, but they are also made out of recycled products (rPET), a fabric produced from recycled plastic water bottles. They are quite literally taking plastic waste from landfill and turning it into something reusable for many years to come, zero waste at it’s finest. Onya strive to offer quality alternatives to single use plastic. As Onya say, why wait for tomorrow when we can take action today?

At The Eco Shop UK, we fully believe in the products that we stock. We personally test each and every product and ensure they are cruelty free, eco friendly, and promote zero waste living.