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OceanSaver® Plant Based Cleaning Drops are an eco-friendly, super effective, 100% toxin-free cleaning solution. The dissolvable cleaning drops make your cleaning spray bottles reusable! If you haven't saved any old spray bottles, don't worry - OceanSaver® have also designed 'bottles for life' to reuse over and over with the drops. You can find the bottles for life here.

The cleaning drops are a brand-new range of concentrated, water-soluble cleaning solution that transform into liquid cleaner when added to water. Created using nature's best, each cleaner is designed with a specific purpose in mind - they work as well as any highstreet brand, and they smell divine. To use the drops, simply dissolve a drop into your bottle with 750ml of warm water, shake up, and use. 

If every household used these, millions of new plastic bottles would be avoided. The drops are fully biodegradable and breakdown to only natural elements once back in the environment. 

The drops are available in the following single packs, and we also have the following super bundles:

Everyday Essentials Refills 5 Drops Pack

The Ultimate Refill Collection Bundle 7 Drops Pack 

The Ultimate Starter Collection - 5 Refillable Bottles + 5 Drops 


Single Drops available: 

  • Multi-Purpose Lavender
  • Multi-Purpose Apple
  • Bathroom - Pomegranate
  • Kitchen Degreaser - Lemon
  • Anti-Bac Cleaner - Ocean Mist
  • Floor - Rhubarb
  • Wood Floor - Almond
  • Glass


  • Lab tested
  • 100% vegan and are not tested on animals
  • 100% plant based 
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Allow you to make any plastic spray bottle reusable 
  • The drops smell truly amazing
  • Super effective cleaning results 


Multi-Purpose Lavender 

Gentle on surfaces, yet tough on dirt and stains. This lavender-scented multi-purpose cleaner easily cuts grease & grime on surfaces all around your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Multi-Purpose Apple

Gentle on surfaces, yet tough on dirt and stains. This apple-scented multi-purpose cleaner easily cuts grease & grime on surfaces all around your home, from the bathroom to the kitchen.

Bathroom - Pomegranate 

The bathroom cleaner is a strong descaler. It dissolves soap scum and puts an end on dirt  & tough stains. 


Kitchen Degreaser - Lemon

For the love of your kitchen! Remove the dirt, grease and grime of your kitchen with the strong Citrus Kelp cleaning drop.

Anti-Bac Cleaner - Ocean Mist

The fantastic antibacterial surface cleaning drop kills 99.9% of bacteria, and is ideal for thorough cleaning around your home.

Floor - Rhubarb

The all purpose Rhubarb Coral floor cleaning drop will take care of your floors. It’ll protect from staining and leave them gleaming and smelling of rhubarb.

Wood Floor - Almond

Your wood floor will never be the same after touching base with the Almond Swell drop. Mopping wave after wave will ensure that your wood floors are brilliant shining and smelling like a sea of almond. 

Glass - Sea Spray 

Wave goodbye to smears, streaks and stains with the OceanSaver Sea Spray Glass Cleaner EcoDrop. This fabulous glass cleaner dissolves grease and lifts off dirt, as well as those pesky hand prints, leaving you with a long-lasting streak-free shine.


OceanSaver® drops should always be kept away from children and animals, consider providing an alternative address if appropriate.


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