• Full Circle Festival Hygiene Kit
Full Circle

Full Circle - Eco-Friendly Festival Hygiene Kit


The Full Circle Festival Hygiene Kit is your eco-friendly solution to keeping clean & fresh at festivals with minimal impact to the planet. Another benefit of this kit is you can even use it from the comfort of your own tent!

Everything in the kit is either reusable, biodegradable or recyclable. And Full Circle donate a portion of each purchase to charity.

  • Re-usable cotton jute bag
  • Unisex antiperspirant 
  • Zero waste Fresh Mint toothpaste 
  • Biodegradable bamboo toothbrush
  • Alcohol hand gel 
  • No-rinse body wash 
  • Tropical dry shampoo
  • Plastic-free biodegradable face-wipes (please dispose of correctly! Whilst these are better than standard wipes, they can still really harm the environment)
  • Biodegradable eco-towel
  • 100% recycled Eco-leaf toilet paper


  • All cans are made from a zero-waste, reusable aluminium material
  • Most products are sustainably sourced, and are made from natural ingredients from the UK
  • Cruelty-free - products are not tested on animals! Also vegan-friendly
  • All materials used are either reusable, biodegradable or recyclable


PLEASE NOTE: This product is fulfilled by Full Circle themselves. Your order will be sent to them as soon as you've placed it, and orders placed before 2pm will be fulfilled the same day.