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Perky By Nature reusable coffee cups are made from bamboo fibre and are fully biodegradable. They come in beautiful funky designs and have a silky finish. Perky By Nature was born out of a need for a reusable cup with a takeaway look and feel and no plastic after taste.

Why Perky?
  • 12oz medium size.
  • Secure screw-on bamboo fibre lid.
  • Spout lid (like a takeaway cup).
  • Silicone sleeve to protect hands against hot liquids.
  • Easy to clean, all silicone parts and seals are removable for an easy wash.
  • The sleeve and lid seals are made from silicone which is recyclable and can be disposed of via curbside recycling.
  • The cup is made from‚ 65% bamboo fibre,‚ 30% corn fibre and‚ 5% natural resin.
  • They‚ will biodegrade in 3 years (compared to plastic which can take between 450-1000 years).
  • A perfect fit for standard barista coffee machines.‚ 

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