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If you're looking for a refillable, eco-friendly cleaning solution, try neat.! neat. create multi-surface cleaning bottle refills designed to be used with this or any other empty spray bottle. neat. products are vegan and toxin-free, and they are so much more eco-friendly than traditional products as they significantly reduce household waste, and have a lower carbon footprint. neat. cleaning refills are a concentrated solution that requires you to add water at home - a typical bottle of cleaner is 90% water and less than 10% actual valuable ingredients, that’s a lot of unnecessary water being shipped around the world!

This fantastic refillable spray bottle is light weight and durable, made from recyclable aluminium. It includes an industrial quality trigger spray that delivers a great user experience and will stand the test of time, and is also recyclable. And the bottle has a silicone foot for additional durability and comfort. Designed to last and not for trash! 

The refills come packed in a glass bottle that are widely recycled. Click here to view the refills. 


Directions - Remove the trigger from your reusable spray bottle, add 470ml of tap water, carefully pour in the neat concentrate, secure the trigger, shake & spray.


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