Reusable Swim Nappy | EcoNaps



The reusable swim nappies from EcoNaps are an eco friendly alternative to incredibly harmful disposable nappies destined for landfill at the end of their use. The‚ swim nappies include built in absorption for extra protection, they are light weight and breathable, and will keep up with water babes adventures while offering the perfect‚ amount of comfort and protection.

Small and large sizes are available:‚ 

  • Small fits newborn-1.5 stone
  • Large fits 1.5 stone-toddler‚ 


  • Chemical-free (no nasties next to bubs skin such as sodium polyacrylate, dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals).
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Made from stain resistant fabrics.
  • Made from eco-friendly materials.
  • 100% Australian designed, owned and operated.
  • Built in Absorption for sand play & pre-swim protection.
  • Waterproof & Breathable.
  • Adjustable size - Choose from Small (6kg+) or Large (10kg+).
  • Machine Washable.
  • Swim Teacher and Public Pool approved.
  • Hand designed with love in Byron Bay.