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None Sponges (2 pack) | Tabitha Eve


*Please note, our next delivery of the incredibly popular None Sponges is due in on November 20th, your entire order will not be dispatched until this date*

The Tabitha Eve None Sponges are a plastic-free, reusable alternative to disposable sponges. Handmade using ethically sourced cotton and bamboo, the cotton outside layers sandwich a quilted, naturally antibacterial and highly absorbent organic bamboo core, making them highly durable. These fabulous sponges should really last you, and will do best if you wash and wring out, then leave to dry after each use. You can also pop them into a warm machine wash with the rest of your laundry and left to air dry. None sponges are also fully compostable and zero waste - when you feel it's finally ready for the bin, you can just cut it up (carefully!) and add to your compost.


  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable alternative to disposable sponges
  • Organic bamboo core – naturally anti-bacterial
  • Patterned cotton – beautiful design that adds character
  • Plastic free and zero waste
  • Handmade in South Wales, UK
  • Each sponge measures 14cm x 9cm