Plastic-Free Toilet Cleaning Bundle

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Buy this awesome Plastic-Free Toilet Cleaning Bundle and save 5% on the retail price! Or subscribe and save 10%, and enjoy convenient delivery direct to your door whenever you need it.  This Eco Cleaning Bundle includes 1 x EcoLiving toilet brush and holder set, and 1 x Planet Detox toilet scrub powder.  This convenient and super effective cleaning bundle is a great addition to your plastic-free home, or a thoughtful gift for your Earth-loving friends and family. 

EcoLiving Plastic-Free Toilet Brush Set

This fantastic toilet brush & holder set from EcoLiving is 100% plastic-free. The toilet brush has plant-based bristles so will not shed micro-plastics into the ocean, and is biodegradable and compostable at the end of its life. The metal holder is reusable and recyclable after use. 

Planet Detox Plastic-Free Toilet Scrub Powder

This wonderful plastic-free toilet cleaning powder contains gentle but powerful sodiums and minerals that will clean and disinfect your toilet bowl, and freshen up your brush too. The fine grade pumice removes stains and dirt and flushes easily away, leaving only the beautiful scent.

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My Eco Subscription (Save 10%!)

This product is available as an eco subscription. Save 10% on all of our subscription products to offset the cost of shipping, and have your favourite eco-friendly, zero-waste products delivered directly to your door, whenever you need them.

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