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Zao Organic Vegan Makeup

Looking for vegan eco-friendly makeup? Zao is a premium organic makeup brand who create 100% natural, vegan, toxin-free makeup. Each piece is packaged in refillable bamboo casing, so when a piece runs out, you simply buy a refill for it and reuse the case over and over again. Mascara, eyeliner, illuminator, lip gloss.

Product Focus: UNpaper Towels

UNpaper Towels are the perfect eco-friendly, zero waste alternative to disposable paper towels. They are often made from cotton materials which are incredibly durable, and they are designed to last. When they are dirty, they can be washed in the sink or in the washing machine and hung out to dry, ready to be used again.  Whenever they do need replacing, they are 100% compostable, and machine washable.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

The Eco Gift Shop is filled with thoughtful, eco-friendly gift ideas for your friends, family and colleagues, with gifts as little as £3.95. Browse haircare, wooden toys, homewares, zero waste gifts, makeup, gift sets, eco bundles, Fair Trade, books - vegan, sustainable and Earth-Friendly. Next day delivery available. We've included a selection of 15 ideas here, or head straight to the Eco Gift Shop. 

A Guide To Eco-Friendly Cleaning

We have written A Guide To Eco-Friendly Cleaning to introduce you to natural, plastic-free cleaning, and to give you a number of ideas and product tips for getting started. Read on to discover essential ingredients for DIY cleaning solutions, an overview of essential oils, 5 ideas for natural DIY cleaning, and best-sellers at The Eco Shop.