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14 Tips For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Here are our top 14 tips and products for an eco-friendly kitchen. These ideas have had such a huge impact on reducing plastic and waste in our own homes. Find out all about reusable UNPaper towels and sponges, compostable dish brushes and cloths, dishwashing soap bars, cleaning spray cleaning pods and bottles, zero waste cooking, and more. 

Brand In Focus: Pebble Toys

Introducing Pebble Toys, a non-profit, Fair Trade organisation in Bangladesh. We have just added a range of cuddly toys, rattles and Christmas decorations - all hand-knitted out of sustainably sourced cotton, so we thought we should take a moment to share what we know about this excellent organisation.

Plastic Free July Challenge 2019

Plastic Free July is an annual global movement challenging people to choose to refuse single-use plastic and go plastic free in July. This great cause aims is to raise awareness of of plastic waste issues and encourages plastic free lifestyle changes. 


10 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The irreversible damage to our climate system that has been caused mostly by us needs urgent attention from everyone on the planet! Although the challenge to help often feels like it’s out of our hands, we can all help.