Plastic-Free Bamboo Ear Buds

Plastic-free ear buds are made from sustainable bamboo and cotton and they offer a fantastic eco-friendly alternative to plastic ear buds - the perfect addition to your plastic-free bathroom.  Click here to view our plastic-free ear buds collection. It is estimated there is over 150 million tonnes of plastic waste polluting the world's oceans and every year around a million birds and over 100,000 sea mammals die from eating plastic waste. Plastic ear buds are a large contributor to this pollution. Because of their size, they go astray and end up in the ocean. Because plastic is not biodegradable, they will exist in their current form where they can be mistaken for food, before eventually breaking down into harmful micro plastics - to be ingested by fish, and eventually by humans. 

Plastic-Free Ear Buds

Plastic-free ear buds are made from sustainable organic bamboo and natural soft cotton, and they are designed to help you keep your ears clean. They are also useful for many other things including tidying eye makeup and nail polish. Before using them, please make sure you find out about using ear buds safely.


They come in a recyclable card box, unlike plastic buds which generally come in a plastic container.

Available Brands

We currently stock Save Some Green (£4.75 for 200) and EcoLiving (£2.50 for 100). Click here to view our plastic-free ear buds collection. 


Once you've finished with your ear buds, you can simply pop them in the compost bin as they are made from 100% biodegradable materials. Or if you do not have a compost bin, you could put them in your organic waste bin, or bury them in your garden! Or as a last resort you can throw in your black bin safe in the knowledge that it will biodegrade in landfill and will not harm the environment. The main reason we do not recommend the latter is because they could go astray and would still be harmful to animals and marine wildlife who mistake them for food.  


Choose This, Not That. Switch to plastic-free ear buds today!