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Reusable Bamboo Wet Bag (2 Pockets) | EcoNaps


The premium Wet-Bag from EcoNaps has two completely separate pockets (one for clean, one for dirty). ‚ They are a Modern Cloth Nappy and Swim Nappy essential, but you'll also find yourself using them for a million other things - swimming, library, snacks, stroller, daycare, grandma's house to name a few.


      • 2 pockets for easy wet & dry use.
      • Made from Breathable & Waterproof PUL.
      • Holds 8 Cloth Nappies.
      • Snap looped-handle to attach to your stroller, hook, or door handle.
      • Perfect for transporting your Cloth Nappies to and from Grandma's house or Daycare.
      • Available in our 12 Limited Edition hand designed prints.
      • Hand designed with love in Byron Bay.